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New Freebie

Order a custom packaging mockup for $40

What do you need to make a mockup?
It is enough to specify the viewing angle, overall dimensions, or send a reference photo of the packaging to hello@reformermockup.com One mockup can be used for the entire range, easily changing the label design, packaging material and products inside.
How is the work
The task is completed approximately three days after receipt of the brief. At the first stage, the customer agrees on the shape and viewing angle on the example of a 3D model. Then a mockup is made in PSD format, the customer can request edits to the mockup before it is approved.
Payment and transfer of the completed order
The order is considered completed after approval by the customer, after which he makes a payment of $40 via PayPal. The approved mockup is handed over to the customer after payment is received. File format *PSD (Photoshop, preferably CS4 version and above), size 9000×6000 px / 300 dpi. *JPG image attached.

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We are constantly adding new works to the collection to keep up to date with new events, you can subscribe to messages about promotions and updates in a package of free layouts, templates, fonts and 3d models.
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This is a digital discount card. After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for use. The card can be used to pay for any goods that are available on the site within a year from the date of purchase.
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PSD Object Mockups Tutorial

We suggest you work with our mockups in Photoshop and Illustrator, preferably CS4 version and higher.
* Unzip the Zip archive, open the file in Photoshop. * Hide the top layer Screen. * All PSD files have Smart objects, each of them can be modified. To edit, double-click on the icon in the leftmost part, a new window will open, now you can insert a new design to place it on the product, just close this layer and save all the changes. * To change the color of plastic, paper or glass, click on the layer icon on the left side, the editor will open, now it remains just to drag the marker to the desired color. * To make the layer invisible, for example, to remove a falling shadow, you can use the eye icon. * Merge all layers into one for better image quality. * Save Image: menu File / Save As.

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